Attorney successfully obtained return of Client’s firearms collection seized by police when Client’s son arrested on felony probation violation.  Client’s collection worth thousands of dollars.  (State v. J.B., Madison Sup. Ct.)

Not guilty verdict obtained by Attorney in a criminal jury trial for Client who was vocal critic of local sheriff’s office on a felony charge of computer forgery/fraud charge involving allegations of hacking into a government association web-site to post allegedly false and malicious information about county administrator.  Client faced up to 10 years in prison if convicted.  (State v. R.O., Elbert Sup. Ct.)

Attorney won an appeal for Client before the Georgia Court of Appeals resulting in the complete dismissal of thirty aggravated assault and weapons charges against Client accused of engaging in a  “drive by” shooting where a witness was shot.  Appeals court barred the State from a new prosecution of Client and Client was released from a 15 year prison sentence after the Supreme Court refused to grant the State a right to appeal the decision.  (State v. R.G., Athens-Clarke Sup. Ct.)

Attorney won a state criminal jury trial for Client on rape and false imprisonment charges after jury deliberated for just 90 minutes.  Acquittal allowed Client to avoiding a potential life sentence in prison.  Attorney had obtained client’s release on bond prior to trial.  (State v. J.Y., Franklin Sup. Ct.)

Attorney successfully obtained a new trial for Client serving a life sentence for armed robbery based on claims of prosecutorial misconduct and failure to release Brady evidence to Client’s attorney.  Client had numerous serious prior felony convictions on his record but he was able to avoid a life sentence and receive a new sentence on a negotiated plea that resolved this charge and several open criminal cases including two other armed robbery charges.  Under new plea agreement Client was sentenced under, Client will eligible for parole in ten years.  (State v. A.G., Hart Sup. Ct.)

Attorney successfully obtained a reduction of DUI charge (refusal) for a business owner Client to reckless driving thus allowing Client to retain without restriction her drivers license and professional business license.  If convicted of DUI, Client would have lost her ability to drive for twelve months and suffered a substantial loss of business income.  GSP case.  (State v. J.A., Elbert State Ct.)

Attorney successfully obtained a negotiated plea for Client charged with drug charges including manufacturing marijuana which involved dismissal and reduction of charges resulting in no jail time for Client and Attorney subsequently assisted client with reinstatement of a professional license so Client could continue to remain in his career field.  (State v. J.R., Madison Sup. Ct.)

Attorney successfully obtained a negotiated plea to misdemeanor offense with time served for Client facing prosecution for charges of child molestation, aggravated sodomy and false imprisonment.  Felonies were dismissed.  Client avoided sexual offender registry and was released on a sentence of time served (less than three months incarceration).  (State v. B.G., Madison Sup. Ct.)

Attorney successfully obtained dismissal of marijuana charge for Client who could not enter a guilty plea under Drug First Offender due to prior drug conviction.  Attorney negotiated a plea for fine only to a motor vehicle equipment charge and Client kept his driver’s license for work.  (State v.  C.C., Jackson State Ct.)

Attorney obtained a reversal of Client’s conviction on appeal on his conviction for two counts of cruelty to children before Georgia Court of Appeals. Client had represented himself at his criminal jury trial on three felony child cruelty charges and he received a ten year sentence.  No re-trial on charges.  (State v. K.M.J., Athens-Clarke Sup. Ct.)

Attorney obtained a reduction of charge from DUI refusal to reckless driving for Client thus allowing her to retain drivers license without restriction and retain her professional employment.  A conviction on DUI refusal of state-mandated test would have resulted in the Client’s loss of her driver’s license for twelve months. (City v. R.I.)

Attorney obtained dismissal of arson charge for client on day of trial because of illegally obtained evidence by law enforcement which attorney and co-counsel presented to prosecutor.  (State v. E.H., Madison Sup. Ct.)

Attorney obtained a dismissal of burglary and theft by receiving charges for Client in state prosecution.  (State v. W.M., Madison Sup. Ct.)

Attorney successfully obtained a dismissal of an armed robbery charge for client after presenting bad character evidence of victim to prosecutor and negotiating a guilty plea which Client accepted to a residential burglary charge.  A conviction on a charge of armed robbery requires a minimum prison sentence of ten years. (State v. C.P., Madison Sup. Ct.)

Attorney successfully obtained dismissal of kidnapping and terroristic threat charges for client in a complex domestic violence case where attorney’s investigation developed evidence showing problems with accuser’s claims and her bad character.  Attorney resolved case with Client accepting a simple battery plea for time served pre-trial by Client before he retained attorney and was released on bond.  (State v. M.C., Madison Sup. Ct.)

Attorney obtained a swift dismissal of burglary charge for a jailed Client after locating representative of business victim who lived out-of-state and providing evidence to prosecution in the form of an affidavit that victim wanted case dismissed against Client.  Attorney obtained client’s release from jail in less than 72 hours after being retained by client’s family on this criminal charge.  (State v. T.C., Madison Sup. Ct.)

Attorney obtained dismissal of another burglary charge and two counts of theft by receiving stolen property for Client (T.C.) after obtaining exculpatory evidence and co-defendant’s statement that client was not knowingly involved in criminal acts.  (State v. T.C., Madison Sup,. Ct.)

Attorney obtained a dismissal of two felony forgery in the first degree charges (counterfeit currency) in exchange for a guilty plea by Client to one count misdemeanor theft by deception and no probation upon payment of $100.00 fine.  Plea negotiated on opening day of the  trial just prior to jury selection. (State v. B.P., Madison Sup. Ct.)

Attorney obtained a reduction to a reckless driving charge from a charge of DUI/drugs charge where Client allegedly refused state mandated test and had suffered a twelve month “hard” suspension of her driver’s license.  Client was able to reinstate her driver’s license and to continue to provide care for her home-bound aged relative.  (State v. A.B., Madison Probate Ct.)

Attorney obtained a complete dismissal for Client of a two count child molestation indictment where attorney obtained a recantation of the victim’s claim of molestation and obtained an admission by victim’s parent that charges were staged to prevent a modification of child custody civil case between Client and so-called victim’s mother.  The Attorney was the third attorney on the case and case was active on the criminal docket for almost four year.  (State v. D.H., Oglethorpe Sup. Ct.)

After a three hour sentencing hearing, attorney obtained a five year sentence for client charged with three counts of child molestation where prosecutor wanted court to impose a twenty year prison sentence followed by twenty years of probation for a total sentence of forty years. While this outcome may not appear to benefit the client, it did allow the client the ability to escape a prison sentence that would have caused him never to enjoy freedom again in his lifetime.  (State v. P.C., Madison Sup. Ct.)

(The results shown may not be the same results that Attorney Dan Cahill can obtain for you.)