Client suffered a closed head injury as a passenger in a motorcycle wreck.  Attorney Cahill obtained $60,000.00 out of court settlement that covered client’s medical bills and lost income.  (2003)

Client’s spouse died in a motorcycle wreck where client’s spouse was operating a cycle without valid insurance and other violations of the uniform rules of the road.  Attorney Cahill obtained an out of court settlement  of $250,000.00 of full policy limits of the at-fault driver’s liability insurance coverage.(2006)

Attorney Cahill represented a Client who was a passenger on a 50 cc scooter that does not require insurance to be operated in Georgia. Client suffered a broken leg when the at-fault driver ran a stop sign and hit the scooter.  Attorney Cahill obtained a $279,000.00 settlement for the Client against the at-fault driver’s liability insurance company and umbrella insurance carrier which were used to pay for all Client’s medical bills.  Attorney Cahill also negotiated a reduction of the Client’s medical debt allowing Client to keep more of her settlement in pocket. (2014)

Attorney Cahill represented Client whose spouse was injured when his wheelchair turned over while being transported on a municipal bus.  Spouse had serious medical conditions unrelated to hi fall that caused his death.  Attorney Cahill stuck with the case and obtained a $65,000.00 settlement for Client that was not reduced by Medicare or VA claims. (2003)

Client was injured as a passenger in a vehicle operated by a friend that was involved in contest of speed with another vehicle. Attorney  Cahill was able to obtain a settlement of $115,000.00 for the injuries that Client received in the wreck, negotiating a reduction of the Client’s medical bills with his health insurer allowing Client to keep a larger portion of his settlement.  (2015)

Client was injured in a car wreck caused by an employee of a Fortune 500 Company.  After a failure to settle, Attorney Cahill filed a lawsuit and successfully obtained a pre-trial settlement $75,000.00 for Client settled medical liens that allowed him to keep more of his settlement in pocket.  ( T.D.  v. AstraZeneca, LLC, Forsyth Sup. Ct.) (2009)

Client, a college student, attended an off campus apartment party at night without invite and consumed alcohol while underage.  While leaving a party, Client fell 25 feet down an embankment located at the edge of the apartment complex’s parking lot, sustaining a broken wrist and closed head injuries.    Even though the tough requirements of Georgia law labeled Client a trespasser, Attorney Cahill was still able to obtain a $65,000.00 settlement for Client from the insurance carrier for the apartment complex owner.  Attorney Cahill also negotiated a reduction of the Client’s medical liens which resulted in a substantial increase in the amount of the settlement that Client kept while having all of her medical bills paid.  (2011)

Client was T-boned by at-fault driver at an intersection resulting in a broken wrist and emergency room bills.  Attorney Dan Cahill was able to obtain medical care for the Client, who was uninsured and he was able to obtain a $63,000.00 settlement for Client from the at-fault driver’s liability insurer which paid off her hospital liens.  (2014)

A person who suffered injuries in a motor vehicle wreck was referred to Attorney Cahill six weeks before the two year statute of limitation to file suit a personal injury lawsuits would run.  Dan Cahill quickly obtained all of Client’s medical records and bills and submitted a timed demand to the at-fault driver’s insurer which resulted in a $31,000.00 settlement for an injury to the Client’s thumb and before Client lost his right for compensation.  (2011)

Attorney Cahill  obtained a $70,000.00 settlement from the at-fault driver’s carrier and Client’s uninsured coverage for a torn rotator cuff injury Client suffered in the wreck.  Attorney Cahill successfully negotiated with Medicare for a reduction in the lien against Client for the cost of her injury related care so that Client could keep more of her settlement.  (2011)

Attorney Cahill assisted Client with settling his personal injury claim for a broken ankle that he suffered in a wreck while operating a company vehicle.  Attorney Cahill obtained a $82,000.00 settlement for the Client from the at-fault driver’s insurance company and Client’s uninsured carrier as well as negotiating a sizable reduction in the worker’s compensation claim for the cost of Client’s medical care that was paid by the worker’s comp. insurer.  (2013)

Client and his child were injured in a car wreck where Client’s back and leg were bruised and sprained and his two children suffered minor soft tissue injuries.  Attorney Cahill obtained as settlement of $41,000.00 for the Client and $5,000.00 to his child.   (2012)

Client was injured in a car wreck when a drunk driver side swiped Client’s car causing an injury to Client’s hand.  Attorney Cahill obtained a $36,000.00 settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance from a thumb injury and a reduction of the amount that the Client’s health insurance company was demanding for the cost of the emergency room visit Client had following the wreck.  (2011)

Client was hit while a passenger in a co-worker’s car and the co-worker was held at fault in the wreck.  Attorney Cahill obtained a full policy limits settlement from her co-worker’s liability policy for $25,000.00 and negotiated settlement of all of the Client’s outstanding medical bills all within six months following the wreck. (2013)

Client, while operating a company vehicle, was injured in a motor vehicle by an out-of-state motorist.  Attorney Cahill filed a lawsuit against the at-fault driver who lived in Massachusetts.  Attorney Dan Cahill obtained an out-of-court settlement for the Client in the amount of $135,000.00 negotiated a substantial reduction in the worker’s compensation lien asserted against the Client’s settlement proceeds by his employer.  (U.S. Dist. Court, Macon, 2007).